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I dream of living in a community of like-minded people where the prevalent sounds are birdsong, trees soughing in the wind and the ripple of water. For now, I am content to live in a forward-thinking city where I feel I can make a difference. I am currently putting my energy into encouraging community resilience through the Transition Movement to prepare for the coming energy descent. My primary vehicle is a bicycle, with a trailer for shopping at the local natural food store and farmers' markets.

Born and raised in England by an academic father and a bi-lingual mother who translated books from the German, I graduated with an honors degree in Russian from Leeds University and over 50 years proceeded to lead a colorful if impecunious life at 42 distinguishable addresses, including 12 months in Moscow, Russia.

A personal upheaval brought me to the US in 1988. Since 2000, much to my surprise I have been living with my husband of three years in one place - Albany, California, where I can finally put my energies into creating a productive vegetable and flower garden.

I graduated from Susan Ireland's Resume Program in 2001 and for eight years I have been a featured writer on two leading resume websites: and I have a passion for helping others realize their unique potential and love to find compelling ways to express what's important.

I am a musician and a student and teacher of traditional women's dance (Laura Shannon), and I have a passion for honoring the essential role of women and children in a balanced society. I have joyfully participated in nearly a dozen home births (including my own son's), and was a founding member of The Children's Village of Sonoma County. My son, home-schooled until the age of 13, graduated with an MA in Maths from Oxford University and now lives and works in Oxford, England, with his lovely wife, Alice.

I dabbled in NLP, worked for a while as a rebirther to help people release their vital energy (training with Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray, among others), and sold Cutco kitchen knives at the kitchen tables of over 2000 homes. I also spent several years with the network marketing company Simplexity Health, aka Cell Tech International, and depend on their wholefood-based supplements to keep my brain working at full power as my age advances!

I believe everyone has a wealth of potential to offer and my greatest pleasure is in seeing someone take a step towards a more creative and fulfilling life.