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I want to thank you again for your great work in redoing my résumé. I was really delighted that a prospective employer called as soon as she saw my résumé and apologized for not calling me sooner, because it had been in her in box for a couple of days. AS

What a privilege to watch your process in transforming my original, drab document into a dynamic, engaging piece. TA

Within 48 hours of turning in my résumé, I was chosen as one of the top three finalists for the position, although I was the last applicant out of 100 people. Thanks so much! TLHodge

You did a great job, very professional. You really helped me focus on what was important. The end product is more original than what I have seen in résumé writing guides. I will absolutely recommend you and would not think of going elsewhere if I need these services again. VW

Thank you for your help in building such a strong résumé. I never thought that it was possible to summarize 15 yrs of experience in one page. I got multiple interview requests from different business units... and received the job I wanted. RG

[The organization] received my résumé on Friday and called me right away... Thanks a million for your excellent services. SH

The day I received the final version from you I sent it off to 8 jobs. I had callbacks from 6 of them within 2 days, interviewed with 3 and within 2 weeks had 2 offers. The managers who hired me, who look at résumés all day, immediately commented on how my résumé "blew them away." CO

I am excited to report that I have accepted a job in San Francisco. Thank you for helping me revise my résumé which resulted in several interviews. KU

I was impressed with Catherine's ability to pick up on what is important in my industry even though she has no experience within it. She gleaned the important information... [and]... concisely represented my experience, skills, and accomplishments while targeting the industry in which I am interested. My résumé is not vague, like many I have seen. LM

I am very pleased with the result and enjoyed working with you. DH, C.E.O.

Thanks to your professional résumé writing skills I was able to obtain a position at the Canadian university as an Associate Professor. The university was very impressed with my CV, thanks to your professional and efficient working methods. Ewa K (Poland)

Wow, the cover letter is just great! I felt like you really knew how I felt about the job, and knew me. You are very good at reading people! I am very happy with the results and can't thank you enough for the speed in which you did all this. CJ

I am absolutely delighted with your help, the look of my résumé, and the cover letter. It truly reflects my passions, interests, and talents. DE (Communications specialist)

I am changing the direction of my career and working with you on my résumé has helped me to reach yet another level of clarity. Thanks again for all of your help! You are truly a great listener, and brilliant with words. AMB

Thanks again, Catherine. I couldn't have done this without you.
#1: I have a great résumé, and
#2: I feel confident and excited about what I'm offering and where I'm going.
It's very difficult for me to say less; your guidance has been essential. KM

The résumé you created is definitely opening a lot of doors for me, so thanks! KQ

Just wanted to let you know that I got a job... less than 10 minutes from my home... with many prospects and opportunities for the future... The agency... told me what a beautiful résumé I had... It was great to have that tool to work with in my job search. Connie Malear

I saw the results and it was really, really first class. Trust me, I've seen thousands of résumés and this was really wonderful. Very precise - really got to the nut of my friend's skillset. Friend of a friend

Thank you so much for all of your help. Jenena and another friend looked over my résumé and they were just amazed!!! Jenena calls you the résumé Queen. Tracy Cole

Dear Catherine:

I want to thank you for not only acting as a professional résumé writer but as a coach too. To leave a job can be very frightening. However, we come to work with you because something isn't right in our current job. You talked to me like a friend; you pulled the real story out of me, not my job description; you let me brag like I would on a job interview. In doing this, my self esteem was given a boost AND I got a heck of a résumé in the deal, cheaper than a therapist and twice as good.

Now the good news! I started to send out résumés yesterday and today I've practically received a job offer. This gives me so much hope, and it actually gives me more bargaining power in my current job. Thanks, Catherine!

I told you I followed my heart when I chose you over other résumé writers; I'm SO glad I did...

Peace be with you,
Victoria in TX