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My Process and Prices

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Before and After Résumés




I like to include you in the process as much as possible, either in person (if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area) or by phone and email.

Long Distance

You send me an old résumé, if you have one, and a couple of job descriptions that you're interested in applying for, and we begin with a phone interview lasting up to an hour. After I have prepared a first draft, I send it to you by email so that you get an idea of where we're going and can identify areas for correction or additions.

For the next iteration, I invite you to watch my desktop remotely (through GoToMyPC) while we edit the document together.

If necessary, we communicate by phone and email to make further revisions until we're both completely satisfied with the outcome.

In Person

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and can make the time during a weekday, we sit down together in my East Bay Albany office to benefit from the powerful combination of your specific work knowledge, experience and achievements and my résumé expertise to hash out a document that uniquely fits your talents and suitability for the kind of job you're going after.

It's an intense process (you do get a break to go explore the famed Solano Avenue, just around the corner!), but people say it's also fun and educational.

An Important Advisory

My brain gets fuzzy in the presence of scented products, so I request that if you choose to work with me in person, you come reasonably scent-free. That includes perfumes, colognes, heavily scented deodorants and laundry powder, freshly applied, scented body lotion... and clothes that have been dried with fabric softener and carry their own little cloud of chloroform around with them.

(If you are unaware of the dangers of fabric softener, you can go to to find out the dismal truth!)

What You Get

When we're done, you will have a copy of your résumé on quality paper, a CD with an MS Word document (if requested), text (ASCII) versions for posting on the Internet or into the body of an email, a cover letter (if applicable), a great basic understanding of what makes a good résumé, and a good idea of how to tweak your résumé for other positions if you should need to.

Cover Letters

A cover letter is most effective when it targets a specific position, and the process is much the same as that described above. You will need to know something about the company that you're applying to and I will need a copy of the job description.

Generally it takes an hour or less to complete the first cover letter, and subsequent letters take only a few minutes.

Résumé Critique

A résumé critique consists of a 30-minute intensive review over the phone, during which I will give you many ideas on how to make your document more compelling. After I have received your résumé and a description of the job you are aiming for, we make an appointment to speak over the phone (you call me). I am happy to take a look at your improved version if you would like, and charge for that service pro-rata.


My charge for résumé and cover letter writing is $100 an hour, with a résumé typically taking three hours. For the unemployed or otherwise financially strapped, I am willing to negotiate a lower price. A critique costs $75.

Payment for long-distance work is made in advance via check or via In most cases I ask for a four-hour retainer of $400 when working long-distance and keep you updated on time taken as we go along. At the end of the process, I return to you any money that remains in your account.

Did you know?

Fees paid for résumé writing are tax deductible if you itemize your deductions, and I am happy to give you a receipt.